Sunday, 17 November 2013

শচীন তেণ্ডুলকার

ESPNCricinfo থেকে নেওয়া wagon-wheel

শেন ওয়ার্ণ: ‘ the Sydney Cricket Ground he made 241, his first Test double-century. I was injured at the time so was commentating but I had a great view of his innings from the box.
   He had been dismissed a few times in that series by Australia bowling full and wide. He nicked off to slip and the keeper and went into the Sydney Test on the back of scores of 0, 1, 37, 0 and 44. He decided he would respond by not playing a cover drive. Now the cover drive is a fairly large part of a batsman’s armoury. When bowlers are pitching it up and trying to swing it you tend to play a lot of cover drives, but he did not play a single one in more than 10 hours at the crease.
   It summed up his mental strength. He let go every ball that was pitched up outside off stump. If they dropped short he cut it, or if the bowlers were a fraction full, he would straight drive it. He would block the odd one through the covers for a single but never hit a full-on flourishing cover drive. A truly amazing innings that summed the guy up.’

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