Saturday, 23 June 2018

Maximising the benefits of Aadhaar

While concerns about data protection are valid, I am a believer in the benefits of Aadhaar. There are two suggestions I have regarding better utilisation of Aadhaar. One is doing away with all sorts of roll numbers from high school till college and replacing them with Aadhaar. The other is since several school leaving boards/ class 12 boards/ higher secondary boards are also integrated with the DigiLocker system, in addition to pushing the digital marksheets through to DigiLocker, if the marks and the subject names in machine readable forms are sent to DigiLocker, and if it can be accessed through an API, then colleges which use an online system to admit students can pull the data from DigiLocker when the student enters the Aadhaar number in the college's admission portal. This mechanism will eliminate the need for verification of physical marksheets, thereby saving lots of human hours for college authorities.

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