Monday, 25 June 2018

Publications I read regularly

The Telegraph, Kolkata
It is the best newspaper in Kolkata. The Times of India perhaps sells more in Kolkata than The Telegraph but unlike the former, the latter is based out of Kolkata and thus has a greater focus on local news. Moreover, the latter is less pro-government than the former. The third reason why I prefer The Telegraph is that their writers are often funny and witty.
During my lifetime, the only other newspaper of a similar stature in Kolkata was The Statesman and which I used to read daily till the age of 18. Though it is still published, it is only a shadow of its former self and is not worth much of a read nowadays.
I read it in print format.

The Guardian (Books Section)
Unlike the New York Review of Books or The Paris Review, The Guardian is open-access (though there are constant pleas for donations). I click through to very few stories and read them but the ones that I do read, going by their titles, I find interesting

The Atlantic
Again, the only reason I read it is because it is free. I click through to very few stories but the ones I read are quite good.

It is free and it has articles on urban issues, one of my areas of interest.

The comments section are a strict no-no but the articles themselves keep me abreast of the latest news in the world of technology.

A website I have discovered recently and which feeds my interest about Indian internet businesses.

South China Morning Post
China is an important part of the modern world. There aren’t too many free websites discussing everyday China. Though the SCMP is based out of Hong Kong, it provides a good enough perspective on China.

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